Social Media and the Death of Billy Graham

Billy Graham is dead. And it didn’t take long for social media users to either exalt him, condemn him, or say something like, “He was a good man, but…” Less than 24 hours after his death, people that never really had an opinion about the man, suddenly had an opinion […]

Is the KKK Really a Threat? And What About Authority?

Donald Trump is in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ tonight. And Phoenix Police are out to try to quench any of the political hate fires that are likely going to erupt. There is a lot of rhetoric that has been thrown around, and this rhetoric is often amplified by social […]


At Shirt Off Your Back, we’re trying to start conversations, not end them. And we’ll soon have shirts in our store to back that up. The issue I see within this marketplace of ideas we call life is that there are too many people trying to make a point, drop […]

Melancholy and the Occasional Sadness

When Job’s life became something less than desirable, was his negative reaction justified? We see in chapters 10 through 13 of the book of Job that he… kind of loses it. He says things like, “I loathe my very life” (Job 10:1, New International Version) and “I wish I had […]

Of Nations and Towers

Is it arrogance that leads us to believe we don’t need to follow instructions? Is it impatience? Maybe it’s a little of both? Because if we just skip step four, that bike will be built five minutes faster. Right? Well, maybe. If you want lemonade, you have to squeeze lemons. […]