Take Control Of Your Life (Part Two: Goals)

Core Values. In a previous blog post, we looked at developing a vision based on core values. Core values should reflect deeply held beliefs and views, because a vision for life that does not reflect core values will come into conflict with reality. A person that does not hold helping […]

Take Control of Your Life (Part One: Vision)

Develop Your Vision. This is not a call to visit your ophthalmologist, nor is this some abstract, new age concept. Developing a vision for your life is more than merely guessing who you might want to be, and it certainly means more than trying to become who your father thinks […]

What Is Self-Regulation?

Self Regulation. It is important to be able to calm yourself down. *Deep breath* Controlling behavior can be difficult. *10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . * What is Self-Regulation? Self-regulation is essentially the controlling of emotion and mood, which inevitably […]

Why Should I Set Goals?

Goals. We typically set goals for ourselves on January 1st and realize we will not achieve these goals by about March or April. Darn carbs. But why do so many of us fall short of reaching our goals? Better yet, why do so many of us not even set goals […]

Conformity: Being Liked vs. Being Right

Conformity Somehow, The Ramones stood the test of time in the punk rock world. They were there to raise the punk rock banner and were there to help tear it down. The desire to be liked and the desire to be right are often in contrast with one another. In […]