Punishment v. Rehabilitation

“… forgiveness and restoration focuses on a humanitarian approach, recognizing the wrong doing while working toward restoration. You cannot forgive what you do not recognize as egregious or offensive.” Courtesy of Kenneth Carpina A Delicate Balance. Generally speaking, when it comes to solutions to crime, it appears that the public […]

The Delicate Balance of Altruism

Whenever someone claims to stand for something, it is reasonable to ask what he or she stands against. Love for one thing does not necessarily equal hatred for another, and vice versa. But, hatred for one thing can be disguised as love for another. Courtesy of Louis Desire for Change. […]

Everything Is A Negotiation.

If there is a desire to make changes in your life, you have to negotiate with yourself. You have to decide what you want, and then determine whether or not what it takes to get what you want is worth the pursuit. Courtesy of Soulful Talking To Yourself. Do you […]

The Importance Of Purpose and Meaning.

… it’s hard to blame the young man looking for some purpose and meaning. He’s been wronged. He’s hurt, lost, and vulnerable, and wants to feel the opposite of all of those things. You might as well hand him an envelope full of cash. A Chat With a Refugee. I […]