Can Family Make You Crazy?

In mental health circles, using the word crazy is typically discouraged and frowned upon. A parent might say something like, “You are driving me crazy” to his or her child upon reaching hour six of an eight-hour road trip without giving it a second thought. While children are likely not literally […]

A Baseball Analogy: Sovereignty vs. Control

As we (finally) wrap up the book of Job this week, I am left to wonder if there is a difference between sovereignty and control. Job 1.9 paints the picture of God handing Job over to Satan. “Have you considered my servant Job?” (New International Version). I always assumed that […]

A Letter To My Sisters, and Brothers, and Mothers…

Beth Moore, author, speaker, and founder of Living Proof Ministries, recently wrote a piece for the Living Proof blog entitled, “A Letter to my Brothers.” Recent accusations, concerns, and convictions of sexual misconduct, harassment, and misogyny have put a much needed spotlight on various institutions that have long been comfortable […]

Kanye, RedForEd, & the National Day of Prayer

There is an element of narcissism to all of this, isn’t there? In Job, chapters 35 – 37, Elihu continues his discourse and lets Job and company know just where he stands. He tells Job in v.8 of chapter 35, “Your wickedness affects only a man like yourself, and your […]

The Book of Job, Boycotts, and a Good Cup of Coffee.

So, everyone is mad. Again. With Starbucks and school shootings making headlines, it is difficult to sort through what I should be angry about. Sadly, it is not because these events aren’t confusing and hurtful and tragic. Because they are. No matter how much nuance I can read into a […]