Black Friday: Bringing Presents with Presence.

Yet another Thanksgiving is in the books. Millions will hit the stores for black Friday deals, hoping to get the best Christmas presents at the lowest cost. Others will lounge and continue to digest the food from yesterday.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


There is nothing inherently wrong with Christmas shopping. Aside from the potentially polarizing commercialization of Christmas, there is something fun and enjoyable about buying gifts for others. Some may long for a more traditional, focused, and quiet holiday season, while others enjoy the hustle and bustle of door-busting sales, colorful bows, and piles of wrapping paper.

Forward Thinking.

For those that struggle to be present, however, the Christmas season can be tough. It seems there is always something on the calendar. Another dinner, another play, another choir concert. Likewise, the act of purchasing presents for others inherently rests in a future event. We buy the gift now, and anticipate giving it in the near future. Therefore, presents are not always conducive to presence.

Be Present.

While online shopping continues to grow in popularity, there is still an element of being outside the moment when it comes to clicking to “Add to Cart.” Buying presents necessitates some level of absence, in either body or mind. As of 9am on November 29th, 2019, CNBC estimates online sales were up 19% from last year, with black Friday totals expected to exceed $7 billion.

To clarify, I am not anti-gifting giving and try not to be too much of a scrooge.

I do it difficult to be present in the moment, however. Various proactive and reactive techniques help to keep me rooted in the present. For example, square breathing and candles works for me in the proactive, and grounding tends to help in the reactive.

This Christmas, take time to be present while giving presents. Enjoy moments, because time is one gift you can exchange, but never return for a refund. Once time is spent, it is gone. Above all, it is the ultimate non-renewable resource.

Use it wisely.