Can Family Make You Crazy?

In mental health circles, using the word crazy is typically discouraged and frowned upon. A parent might say something like, “You are driving me crazy” to his or her child upon reaching hour six of an eight-hour road trip without giving it a second thought. While children are likely not literally […]

A Baseball Analogy: Sovereignty vs. Control

As we (finally) wrap up the book of Job this week, I am left to wonder if there is a difference between sovereignty and control. Job 1.9 paints the picture of God handing Job over to Satan. “Have you considered my servant Job?” (New International Version). I always assumed that […]

Melancholy and the Occasional Sadness

When Job’s life became something less than desirable, was his negative reaction justified? We see in chapters 10 through 13 of the book of Job that he… kind of loses it. He says things like, “I loathe my very life” (Job 10:1, New International Version) and “I wish I had […]