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Why You Need Interpersonal and Behavioral Consulting

A Recent Survey

We are willing to bet your organization, at the very least, might be in need of a tune up. Maybe your board of directors need to learn some interpersonal and management skills? Maybe you have people in your organization living with mental health issues and you do not know how to help? If your leaders are not fully equipped, they are not as effective as they could be.

In April 2018, Christianity Today reported on mental health. LifeWay Research in partnership with Focus on the Family surveyed families that have a member living with mental illness and asked what they would like to see from their church.

74% said: help families find local resources for support and dealing with the illness.

63% said: talk about it openly so the topic is not so taboo.

61% said: improve people’s understanding of what mental illness is and what to expect.

58% said: provide training for the Church to understand mental illness & increase awareness of how prevalent mental illness is.

Trends and data:

Trends and data would indicate the church is in a position to play an active role in getting people on their way to wellness. While the church may not be able to to provide direct clinical services or advice, church can certainly play a vital role in the functioning or total wellness of its members. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mental illness is the third most common cause of hospitalization for those aged 18 – 44. Pew Research indicates 50% of Evangelical Protestants are between the ages of 18 – 49.

Trend 01: 73% of Americans proclaim Protestantism or Catholicism (Gallup).

Trend 02: 20% of adults experience a mental illness in a given year (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Trend 02: The odds of teen depression rose 37% from 2005 to 2014 (Johns Hopkins Medical Center).

Our process:

Our team will educate and equip your team with the tools to not only improve the interpersonal relationships within your organization, but also help your team implement those tools. We will then schedule follow ups to review data and demographics to measure your success.

What We Deliver:

Visitors to a local congregation that have a positive experience while visiting will be more likely to return. If regular guests or long-time members feel fully supported, they will become more invested. When individuals in leadership equip themselves with the right tools to improve their own interpersonal health and wellness, they can better serve the people under their care. The health and wellness of the entire congregation will inevitably improve. Check the pulse of your organization, and let us know how we can help!