Local Church & the Theory of Social Bonding.

Travis Hirschi‚Äôs theory of social bonding asserts that humans are socialized into four elements: attachment, commitment, involvement, and beliefs. He claimed that the higher the social bond is in each area, the less likely one will be to act on antisocial behaviors such as crime or violence. Hirschi developed this […]

Why Do People Stop Committing Crimes?

There are many changes that occur from childhood to adulthood. We sometimes make decisions we regret simply because we lack the cognitive ability to make good decisions. If an adolescent commits criminal behavior but stops when he or she becomes an adult, it is important to ask why. This post […]

Crime Scene

Why Do People Commit Crimes? Two Theories.

I recently wrote a blog post and recorded a podcast episode in which I highlighted the benefits of asking “Why?” I maintain that continuously asking why forces one to whittle the problem down to the simplest possible answer. So, why do people commit crimes? Over the decades, there have been […]

How Public Should We Be With Mental Health?

Photo courtesy of Pixabay Influence of Social Media. Firstly, I feel a need to attend to data illustrating a correlation between increased social media use and mental health. This of course does not suggest that social media directly causes mental health issues. The data does correlate, however, and can help […]