Since everyone needs clothes…

…you might as well wear a shirt that says something. Right? Savvy shoppers can find our shirts here. Each and every shirt will be specifically designed to generate conversation in the spirit of Colossians 3:12. Our shirts will also correspond with our blog posts and podcast episodes. The designs will be simple and straightforward, but vague enough to make people scratch their head. So check back often for exciting new products, and be sure to steer any curious folks to our website.
But don’t stop there! Have a conversation with the guy that asks about the seemingly random phrase on your shirt. Let him know what it means, why you’re wearing it, and that he should probably buy one, too!
To help you with this, each shirt will come with a tag. On the tag will be a description of the meaning behind the shirt, and a link to any blog posts or episodes that correspond to the meaning of the shirt. So study hard! You never know who you’ll encounter. And you never know how much of an impact one conversation can have.

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