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All we need to do, is make sure we Keep Talking…

Our Keep Talking shirt is the first shirt specifically designed to correspond with our website. Your purchase will not only help fund our podcast, but will hopefully afford you the opportunity to talk to those around you as well.
Since media increasingly gives us the news of the day in edited soundbites, and communication has been reduced to 140 characters, dank memes, and funny GIFs, we felt it was necessary to create something that could hopefully create a conversation. So, suppose you are wearing this particular Shirt Off Your Back shirt while you are in line at your favorite coffee shop. Someone asks you, “Hey, what does you shirt mean?” Let that curious person know that #KeepTalking is a simple reminder that conversations about faith and politics need to be deeper, more nuanced, and more honest than social media could ever allow. Also, if you end up having a conversation with someone, please let us know. Track us down on social media, snap a selfie, and use the hashtag. Steer those curious folks to the podcast. Send ’em to the blog. But most of all, just keep talking.
This shirt is charcoal colored with a heather pattern and is an athletic fit. It features #KEEPTALKING in white letters, centered on the chest. The back, right panel of the shirt features a megaphone with the abbreviation, KPTLKNG. The lettering is a lightweight vinyl, similar to what would have been on your gym uniform in junior high. This is a 60% cotton / 40% polyester, SofSpunā„¢ shirt by Fruit of the Loom. Wash it inside out, machine wash cold, and tumble dry low.

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