One On One Coaching


Organizations can provide sponsorship for coaching directly from Shirt Off Your Back, or use Shirt Off Your Back to develop a leader within your organization. Includes FREE downloadable Life Development Plan. *$150 initial 2 hour assessment (to be completed every six months), $50 each 1 hour follow up session, up to five sessions. $25 per hour after 5 sessions. Email or call 623-570-7352 to schedule the assessment.

*Price per member


Have educational and career goals, but not sure of what you want to do or where you want to go? Want to improve your living situation with your family and friends? Want to increase your personal health and well-being? Not sure how to spend your time outside of work and/or school? We can help! Our one on one coaching sessions help clients develop a vision and outline goals for their life using solution based practices rooted in psychological principles. Our coaching utilizes a client based approach and emphasizes self-efficacy and autonomy of the individual.