It’s hard to find a good deal these days…

…so visit our store and shop around. At Shirt Off Your Back, we design and create shirts with purpose, for a purpose. But we don’t stop there. As we continue to blog and build an audience with our podcast, we will continue to create new products. We’re thinking shirts, hats, and tank tops should be enough to get us started.
Simple designs. A clear message. At a fair price. Our goal is to keep our podcast free, so we are selling these products simply to help fund any costs associated with hosting, equipment, etc. Each product is designed to generate a conversation, and to give our customers the incentive to send friends, family, and even the stranger in the coffee shop, straight to our website.
As the content in the blog area of our home page grows, our store will grow. As our podcast episodes increase in number, our product line will increase in number. Some of our products might only be around a short time and available in a limited supply, because we want to keep things fresh and exciting for our friends and listeners. You might be one of twenty people with a #KeepTalking shirt, which is pretty cool. And when a new episode comes out, you might catch the phrase or idea that spawned the latest Shirt Off Your Back product.
It’s a creative endeavor, and it truly is a labor of love. Because Colossians 3:12 teaches us to clothe ourselves “with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” If we can keep these as part of our conversations, we’ll make the world just a little bit better. And that’s a pretty good deal, right? For the price of a free podcast and a cheap t-shirt, you get conversation that just might change a life.