Bonus Episode 13, Bonus Episode: Rules Are Dumb

A girl isn’t allowed to take communion because of a dress code violation. Mormons can’t drink caffeine. Collin and Elizabeth discuss rules. Collin thinks rules are often things put in place by institutions to control people, and Elizabeth tends to give the institution the benefit of the doubt. Do churches, schools, etc. simply implement rules to benefit themselves, or do they do it for the benefit of the people within the institution?

Ep. 12: Hubris, Bro? (Job 17 – 20)

Given our reactions to natural disasters and our responses to tragedies, we discuss hubris, and whether or not Christians are susceptible to it. Is Job a little like Joel Osteen? And is being naive and too eager a form of hubris?

Ep. 11: You Mad, Bro? (Job 14 – 16)

Was the “Nashville Statement” really even necessary? We discuss anger, and whether or not it is ever really justified. Why do some people get so angry over sports? Was Job’s anger a secondary emotion? What do we do when we struggle with controlling our anger? And could it be… postseason baseball in Arizona!?

Ep. 10, Bonus Episode: Is All Authority REALLY God Appointed?

With new and improved audio, (although a little quiet after processing) we discuss Charlottesville, racism, and social media. We also consider whether or not individuals in authority are appointed by God, or if the Bible is simply referring to the office in which that individual may hold.

Ep. 9: Melancholy: Part II (Job 10 – 13)

Our friend Erick Jones spent a few years working with kids with mental health issues, so he stopped by to talk about it. We looked through the lens of Job and discussed whether or not Job could have been experiencing a period of depression. How should we approach God when asking for things, and do desperate prayers work any better?

Ep.8: Melancholy and the Occasional Sadness (Job 6 – 9)

We discuss sadness and Job’s reaction to his troubles. Is sadness justified in light of truth? How does God view our sadness? And why is it sometimes hard to find support? Oh, and we’re close to having our first batch of shirts made!

Ep.8 Intro: Melancholy and the Occasional Sadness (Job 6 – 9)

Ep. 7, Bonus Episode: The Unique Need For Youth Ministry

Phil Long from Grace Bible College and Mike McFadden from Grace Bible Church of Phoenix join us to discuss the history and future of youth ministry. How much does culture influence what we do? Is there a science to youth ministry? And what will it look like 10 years from now?

Ep. 6: Why Can’t We Be Friends? (Job 1 – 5)

Collin professes his love for real sugar in Mexican Coca-Cola and declares that Elizabeth is probably a better person than most. Did Job have good friends? What do we do when our friends aren’t so good to us? And our youngest boy interrupts to ask for candy.

Ep. 5: Of Nations and Towers, Pt.1 (Genesis 11 : 1 – 8)

Our friend Mike McFadden, Family Ministries Pastor at Grace Bible Church of Phoenix, stops by to discuss Independence Day and whether or not there is a difference between patriotism and nationalism. Can either truly coincide with Christianity? How much does media shape our view of opposing political sides? And, Collin apparently forgets that the Prime Minister of England isn’t Tony Blair anymore.

Ep. 4: Is God Creative? (Genesis 7 – 9)

We discuss our recent trip to Legoland in California and Collin compares Noah to Ronnie James Dio. Is creativity a burden or a blessing? And is God creative?

Ep. 3: It Just Flat Out Sucks Being Green (Genesis 4 – 6)

Collin pines for a Monty Python themed Vacation Bible School, much to Elizabeth’s chagrin. Was it envy or jealousy that caused Cain to kill Abel? And what’s the difference? Is social media just making us all envious of one another?

Ep. 2: Fear No Snake (Genesis 3)

We stay up way past our bedtime discussing fear, and whether or not churches use fear the same way some politicians do. If God is omni_________ , do we actually have anything to fear?

Ep. 1: The Art of Complication (Genesis 1 – 3)

Elizabeth and I take a quick look at the account of the fall in Genesis, and the subsequent complications that have followed. From the death of Chris Cornell, to marriage, to politics and social media, life can be pretty complicated. But do we sometimes further complicate things by our own actions? And where oh where should we eat lunch!?

Introduction / Welcome to the Podcast

I discuss the nuts and bolts of this podcast, thank my friends and family for their support, show off my little studio (small corner of my garage), and wonder whether or not some of my decor is actually an idol.

Ep. 1: The Art of Complication / Introduction

Introduction to Ep. 1. Why do tend to make things so complicated? Do we bring a lot of it on ourselves? How much does Genesis and the account of the fall really affect us today?