Who We Are

Elizabeth. Mother of two boys and cooker of all things delicious. Often the better, smarter half of the podcast. Always the voice of reason in the family. Graduate in Human Services from Grace Bible College. Coffee drinker, laundry folder. Handles most of the legal stuff for Shirt Off Your Back. Manages the office for another family business as well. Somehow, squeezes in a decent nights sleep every once in a while.

Collin. Founder of Shirt Off Your Back. Has worked with teens in different capacities for over 10 years. MS in Forensic Psychology. Specializes in goal setting for teens and young adults. Hates small talk but finds joy in simple things. Likes his coffee black, his music loud, and has an unhealthy obsession with random, obscure t-shirts. Currently works as a health and wellness coach.

Mike. BA in Biblical Studies with an Emphasis on Youth Ministry from Grace Christian University, formerly Grace Bible College. Ordained pastor through the Grace Gospel Fellowship. Serving as Family Ministries Director at Grace Bible Church of Phoenix. For Shirt Off Your Back, specializes in Interpersonal Relations and Volunteer Management. Enjoys Arizona sports and leading worship in his local church.

Ed. MS in Addiction Counseling. Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor. Serves Shirt Off Your Back by educating congregations on the DSM criteria for depression; as well as warning signs, symptoms, and coping skills. Enjoys coffee, music, and the Arizona Coyotes hockey team.

Derek. Elementary teacher with an MS in Education Administration. Serves Shirt Off Your Back by offering Classroom and Extracurricular Management techniques to leaders and congregations. Enjoys riding dirt bikes, listening to podcasts, and drinking coffee.

For inquiries, questions, or comments, contact us at info@shirtoffyourbackaz.com. Check us out on social media, too! We are always looking for new friends to join the conversation.